Thursday, October 23, 2014

Best Psychic Friends

You know you are starting your day off right when you discover first hand that your dogs poopy bag has a hole in it. On the other hand,  the rest of the day can only get better

If you are keeping track, Rocket started his new meds on Saturday morning and he hasn't had another episode since. I've been checking in on the monitor more frequently than I had been and he spends the day sleeping or idly playing with his toys. He didn't used to play with his toys, he would sleep or just sit there o the futon watching TV or  blankly into space, is hard to tell.

 I want him to play with his toys, I want him to feel calm enough to play with his toys. SInce he started the new meds he also eats his food! He has never eaten when I'm not here, he's been too freaked out to be hungry. Progress is being made. Its too bad though that it all has to be meds that do this. It would be great if he could go talk to someone and work though his issues and find the causes for his problems and work towards solutions and adding tools to help him keep episodes from happening in the first time.

It would be great if he could talk. I call the behaviorist his shrink, but what if you could actually take your dog to a therapist? That would be awesome. It would be expensive and not covered by your pet insurance, but I bet it work miracles.

Of course, you can take your dog to a Animal Communicator  who will mind meld or whatever, with your pet and uncover its deepest secrets. I read a few testimonials and it seems horse owners use their services frequently ( and made me feel much, much less obsessed with my animals).  I just think I don't want to know my pets deepest darkest secrets! They deserve their privacy and what if their deepest secret is that they hate me?!

I don't think Rocket could "tell" anyone about his episodes, he doesn't  know why he gets upset, he just gets upset. Its a chemical thing and it is beyond reason and control. I think he does not enjoy this episodes and he would rather doze or play with his toys and listen to the TV  then tearing into doors and pacing and panting and barking. I assume this because I don't like anxiety, maybe he think this episodes are awesome and a lot of fun.

I doubt it though and I don't wonder about it enough to consult a pet psychic... unless Broskey and Alphagals neighbor the Pet Psychic wants to do some pro-bono work...

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