Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bound and determined

I don't like Charlie Cs IGA. ITs expensive and it doesn't have the yogurt selection of Walmart. How sad are you when Walmart has a better selection of yogurt than you do?

I discovered today that I need new boots. I thought it was just the black ones that were no go's for another  season but sadly, also the brown ones. They genuine man made leather is peeling and the zipper rubs my ankle bones in an unacceptable manner. I would imagine that nicer boots are engineered to not sag that way and are made with genuine cow made leather,too bad I'll never know, and I will replace them with the same cheap boots great grandchild, hopefully it will take another couple of seasons for them to become as irritating as mine are now. The black pairs main sin is that they are suede and the toes are too pointy - They are elf boots! I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought them. My feet are big enough without adding elf styled pointiness to the situation.

I see a visit to DSW in my future Oh Darn! Hate DSW!!, it would be better if I had perhaps looked at them for flaws at the end of last season when discounted boots are available, but no, I have to discover these flaws in October! when the only boots are full retail price boots, actually, full retail plus a third because its OCTOBER and its cooler and  EVERYONE WANTS BOOTS! I hate paying retail, it seems wrong somehow.  A budget conscience person would have thought about this last March. Sigh.

I could have bought a deeply discounted bathing suit from Hammricks but I didn't do it. I will be sorry. I  will eventually be in the market for a bathing suit, I am every summer but I am too much of a snob to buy an off season bathing costume from Hammricks, who knows a bathing suit with sleeves and a high neck might be flattering? I didn't try one on because I'm a snob, and who knows tea-length bathing suits might be all the rage next summer and I'll kick myself.

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