Friday, October 10, 2014

Can't I just stir some gynolotrimin into his kibble?

Young dog has been shaking his head a lot and scratching at his ears fir a while and the behaviorist had said when I had him there that his ears "looked a little pink" and I should clean them every other day or so to see if it clears up. It didn't.

Today we went to another vet who diagnosed him with duel yeast infections and gave us some drops.  It took the vet and a technician to restrain him to get the drops in his ears in the office, I do not see how a just me is going to get the same task done every day for the next nine days. because as we say in the biz "Rocket resists care and is non-compliant" and can slither out of almost anything like a snake.

I'm thinking if I get him after his morning meds that I might have a chance but I'll get that chance maybe twice before he figures it out and I have to find a new plan. There are not very many ways to get drops into a dogs ears, you could Rube Goldberg your little heart out and if the dog isn't going to sit still for it, you still are not going to get the drops in the ears. I asked for an oral treatment but apparently the way to a dogs ears is through his ears, period.

Speaking of Dogs. Rockets home-based tent arrived! Yay!!! It was about half of what I paid for his road tent and frankly, you can tell. Its not the same quality at all and I would not want to put this one through too much, but it was cheap and you gets what you pays for.  It will be fine for setting up and letting it be for the winter.

Rocket tries out his new tent, as it turns out, it fits!

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