Friday, October 3, 2014

Cookies for me

I'm right now riding the high of remembering to take the trash out. I want it to be known that I did so dressed in street clothes while wearing shoes! It was not like it was last week when I did it in my bathrobe and flip flops well past my bedtime or the week before  that when I did it at 530 in the morning  and felt much shame because the wheels are much louder in the pre-dawn hours than they are at reasonable hours and  I ended up with a face full of pre-dawn spider web.

I am now mad at my GPS on the Mapmywalk app on my phone because my  extended daily walk had been 3.6 miles but now for some reason it is 2.6 miles. I have a not-extended walk that was all ready 2.5 miles, but I didn't do that one, I did the longer one and went further because the dog and I went window shopping too. Well, my body knows how far it walked, its very proud of us for walking a long way even if we get no official credit from the app. The ap is lazy and fat and jealous of our hard work. Bitch.

I want another cookie for remembering that you can't put the Cat into Friday Cat Blogging if you forget to get a picture of said cat prior to Friday. My dream is to get a picture of said cat where he is not either 1) on the dinning room table surrounded by papers that should be filed, if I filed papers and stacks of Rockets shred boxes or 2) guarding his food bowl in the kitchen, or 3) hiding under the bed looking traumatized.

It is to be ever hopeful.

I want another cookie for remembering to stuff doggers toys with peanut butter before 10:24pm at night. I am also seriously considering investing in two new Kong toys I saw on sale today because I am reasonably sure that King oys are dishwasher safe and I'm pretty sure his current peanut butter vessels are not.really meant for the dishwasher. Its just that his chew toys spend a lot of time in my freezer around my food and I worry about cross contamination -  Dog  Cooties!

It turns out that Kong toys can go in the dishwasher but they shouldn't go in the dishwasher. I think I am still going to invest in the new Kongs because they are the Large Kongs but after going through the process, with shipping they are almost as much as buying from the store, and does the household really need two of them? And I said no, it doesn't, so I went to another site and I could buy them one at a time, because I'm only really squicked by his bone and not so much the rubber toy - But again with the ridiculous shipping charges! So, The household is getting no kong toys. There is no such thing as dog cooties.

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