Thursday, October 2, 2014

Teach and Learn

Rocket was upset this afternoon as I was heading home. My plan had been to hit Sam's and pick up his meds and put gas in the car, but I checked out Dog Spy before I left the office and he was clearly very agitated and pacing and going to the door, and so I came home instead. I took him to out potty  and boy did he really need it, could that be the source of his agitation? Freaked out about the need to eliminate? peeing he's very comfortable but not peeing? I mean, Thank You Jesus but is it making him crazy?

I have not yet been strong enough to not come home at lunch. The doctor says that dogs like Rocket get even more anxious when the absent person magically re-appears, and sometimes they do better when you just leave them alone. However, he always needs to "eliminate" over lunch, he always really needs to and I'm afraid it too late to put him on a bowel and bladder program to train him to wait until I come home - and I'm not sure its fair to make him hold it for ten hours or if he could physically even hold it for that long. I'm am so tired of cleaning up pee after two full years that its almost worth  it to keep coming back to just not have to clean up pee .

Most days is okay, and its probably a good budget plan as I don't eat out and it helps my diet that I'm not eating crap at lunch and I get a little walk in while I'm home, so there are some positives. I watch a little TV, I eat my lunch and a get to be away from the office for a while. A very short while, I have an hour for lunch and during the lunch hour the round trip is about twenty-four minutes. I guess there is a lot to be said about the benefits of staying active.

If I can't go home I can always put him in daycare, but that is about the equivalent of  a week of lunches, so its not a cheap choice to make. Daisy stayed by herself all day every day for years and I think the only times I would come home would be days when I had  plans after work and couldn't be home promptly, what a pal I was. I think about that a lot. I was so mean to her. Didn't she deserve a visit and a nice little walk at lunch? Would that have been too much to ask? I think she would have really enjoyed it.

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