Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thunder Ponies

I just finished updating my dog journal. I tried Rocket out with his Thunder Shirt while I ran to Wallyworld and... He may have been less freaked out? He was still pacing and panting and he did go to the door but he stayed on his feet by the door and didn't jump up and turn off his light, he also didn't tip the cable box off the top of the TV, which he has done in the past, like on Sunday while I was at church. He ultimately went back to the futon where he was very much awake and panting but not freaking out. He did not drink his water until I came home and he was clearly very thirsty but he was too stressed out while I was gone to be able to drink.

We have a long way to go. But he did not wet the floor or tear off the shirt or get destructive.

Rocket is eating like a real dog! If I had known all it would take was Mighty Dog, I would have started feeding him from its teeny, tiny cans from the get-go. He is now eating two cups of his  pricey (but available at Wallyworld!) grain free food and half a teeny can of cheap, wet  dog crack. I think the extra calories will make a big difference this winter when he needs them the most. Over the summer its not as bad, but he tends to look a little too thin sometimes and he is never interested in food the way dogs are. He can take all day to eat breakfast and that isn't normal. I see all these dog food bowls that are specially designed to keep dogs from inhaling their meals and force them to take their time eating. If your dog eats too fast they can bloat and that is deadly. I can at least say my dog doesn't have that problem ( yet). But who knows, maybe he'll start now that he thinks eating is kind of fun.

Today it did not rain and it was gorgeous and we happily took a long walk minutes after I got home. It was nice.

I almost punched a co-worker today because she sighed heavily and announced Oh, can you believe its only Tuesday?! I was like, OMG shut the fuck up. Just stop. And then she  whined about talking to crazy people all day and how long winded they are and I said Redirect them! Cut off the tangent! Ask a new question and keep the interview moving, help them stay on track, its not mean, it helps them get their ideas across and explain their problems - letting them talk about the sparkle pony  they knew thirty years ago does not help them  today. And also, we do not care about the sparkle pony unless it abused, neglected or exploited  them within the last calendar year and she was like "Oh, I mean, you know, you know how they are..." and I was like yes, REDIRECT THEM, read between the lines!. Its your job. GAWD.

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