Monday, October 20, 2014

Friday was not a good day,

Okay, so Friday was not a good day for Rocket. He completely lost his shit before 7am, tore up the closet door and after he broke in, he pulled out just about everything in there. I only discovered it because I checked him out on a whim and watched his freaking out. I didn't go home until I saw that he had opened the closet door.

What I found when I came home at 7:15. I had left less than an hour before.

Fortunately, my boss was out Friday and I was able to sneak home and clean up the damage. I had forgotten that I had stowed the ingredients for his dry shampoo in there, there was also Daisy's old bones and her blanket. He did not bother the blanket or the bones, so that made me happy. I did have to get rid of the bones as they were covered with baking soda and baby powder and they were ancient and chewed up and I probably should have gotten rid of them years ago. But I didn't because they were Daisys'! and they were very important to her.

She isn't here anymore and they needed to go, she would understand. I wasn't that attached to them while she was living and I shouldn't have become attached to them after she was dead so I'm going to get one out the trash, just because.

I got the mess cleaned up and took him out to pee and then through him back in the room and went back to work. He slept on the couch for the rest of the day, as he does almost every day. I don't know what happened to bring on that fit, but I'm hoping his new meds that I FINALLY got from the pharmacy will keep it from happening again.It seemed to work for him on Saturday when I went boot shopping.

I was unsuccessful and the boots were tragic. It turns out my calves are too thin for this years boots! Nothing fit the way I thought they should have. I didn't leave empty footed though, I scored two more pairs of  shoes  in the style I bought previously and now I have two more colors. I brought the brown home and await the black to be sent to me.

I thought it was geeky to buy the same shoe in multiple colors but the clerk told me people do it all the time and it was not geeky at all . I still think its a little geeky, but they are very nice shoes!

When I came back on Saturday I took Rocket to Dix  and wandered around looking at stuff to see if there was any stuff I might need, because you never know. I found some lovley abanabded tomaotoes and donated them to my friend who really likes tomaotoes and I also looked into the very sad, orphanded greenhouse

The entire back of it is full of dead snake plants. There are many things in there that they could give to me, there is a very lovely, well made composter that should be mine. I'm going to ask around.

Later, I tried an experiment on the very awful, pee damaged, damaged before the dog, office floor.

Successful! Yay!

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