Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday, Monday

Monday was a better day. Rocket was in daycare all day, but I "had" to go to Wallyworld for a few things and I left hm at home. I gave him his meds as directed and went on my way.

I checked in on him on the monitor and he was calmly hanging out on the futon and when I cam home he had eaten his food! This was a pretty big deal as he usually does not eat when he's alone. He's too busy being anxious and unhappy. I wish I had been able to give him his new meds in a more timely manner and maybe we could have avoided Fridays trauma.

This weekend I got my flu shot and for the first time in years I'm pretty sure I got  a very diluted flu. It may be a baby flu but I still have periods of not wellness. I felt like crap for most of Sunday until I all of a sudden didn't and then by the time I got home from  an unsuccessful shopping trip, I wished I had just stayed on the couch.

When I was housebound, I discovered that a healthy application of kitty floof made me feel much better. I think Kitty could tell I was not feeling well because he let me hold him in place for a lot longer, more frequently than he normally does. He was so into togetherness, he came and camped out on my chest at 3:45am. I couldn't make him leave because even half awake, I wanted him know I was glad he was with me, even at a quarter to four in the morning.

Rocket was also a lot more willing the share the couch with me too, normally, he doesn't really feel that my couch is really made for two. On Sunday, he let me share the couch with him and it was very healing.

Monday I woke up hurting but a couple of aspirin and I felt much better. I had some really good soup for lunch at a fundraiser and it made me feel better for the rest of the afternoon. I decided to take it easy and cut out the walks until I'm feeling more up to it, I am hoping that  it clears in the next day or so because I didn't get a  flu shot so I could be sick with the flu.

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