Thursday, October 16, 2014

The differences between cats and dogs

The cat does not like it when I make assumptions about his level of comfort. I am wrong and he is right and whatever he is doing at a given time is his ideal activity.   If he wanted to be cuddled, he would make himself available for cuddling and he is not available at this moment. Non-consensual cuddling is a crime! He asks that I have this embroidered on something, my forehead comes to mind.

I think he would be happier tucked under my hoodie where I can cuddle him and take advantage of his floofiness. His little head can poke out the neck hole and he can give me head buts and we can both be happy. He prefers to stay on the dining room table on a bed of cookbooks.

So I went to see the dog who is always up for a good cuddle, but stretching out with the dog on the couch isn't really conducive to  doing anything else at all period, unless your to do list is :1) Fall asleep on the couch. if he were small enough to be tucked into my hoodie you can bet he would love every minute of it! Because dogs would spend all their time inside your clothes if they could and if you would agree to carry them around inside your clothes! OMG! Dog nirvana!

Your cat sees  the exact same scenario  as false imprisonment and kidnapping. The only reason that cats  haven't sued us into the ground and don't rule the world as our evil overloads is that they can't speak and  they don't have the manual dexterity to text. If you can't call a lawyer, you can't sue. I am sure they are working on this.

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