Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I was supposed to go to this presentation on Solar Power this evening and I was going to learn how I can get it and the  financing and everything - Solar, is wonderful but solar and its attendant gear is expensive and elitist and wrong in a lot of ways. Why should only rich people, who don't need the savings from it, and who all ready probably feel pretty smug about their lives in general and don't need any treats, be able to have it? Solar should be in the grasp of everyone, even the not rich, really if the poorish could have it, it would spread much faster and have a lot more people utilizing the technology and improving the world. There is a lot of work to do to bring it down to a reasonable investment instead of a pot of cash that most people do not have. So  figuring out how to finance it, and working discounts and tax breaks. But not tonight.

Kill the rich.

Speaking of smug rich people. The presentation I was supposed to go to was held in  deepest/shallowist? whitest, North Raleigh! I live inside the beltline! I don't want to go to North Raleigh, I can't find anything, it all looks the same and there are too many cul de sacs. All together a terrible place.

But, because I am a true believer, I went, in the dark and the no street lights and fewer street signs and I tried to go to the presentation. I had no idea where it was before I left, only  that I thought it was closer, like not in Virginia or Tennessee or wherever it was that I was driving in circles in the dark. Terrible place.

My GPS didn't even like it. It finally decided that we were too far away, too far in North Raleigh and way too far from home. It whispered "I see white people" and stopped working. I made my way to the parking lot of the forty-six Food Lions I passed - of course these people have a grocery on every corner!  They need grocery stores within walking distance! They can walk in any direction and walk right into a grocery store. Pigs.

I found the email I was sent and reread it and followed a couple of links and low and behold there is another presentation, inside the beltline, two blocks from my vets office in a  couple of weeks.

I hate North Raleigh and the rich white people for which is stands. And their hot and cold running grocery stores. I'm so glad to be back in civilization.

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