Friday, November 21, 2014


I didn't make the cookies again. Last night I made the dough and I was supposed to make the cookies tonight but I decided I didn't want to. Its been a long week and I'm tired and well, I'm tired.

This weekend when I am not maybe at the Christmas Parade or at the rescheduled Dog Bar, I am going to be doing my holiday food shopping. I really need to sit down wit the various recipes and start picking out what I need to buy.

Its going to be a mad house at the store. I would have gone and done  the shopping this week, but this is all food we're talking about, it won't just wait around until I get around to dealing with it. I am going to make two things and possibly, tart up the Turkey if anyone was paying attention/ wants to throw me a bone.

The walnut pie is almost all here all ready except I need to get a crust for it. I have decided that I am going to use a full on crust and just deal with it. This is not about me, everyone is going to eat this. If I want to experiment with low carb desserts, I can make the sugar free chocolate pudding pie for myself the next time I really need a cream pie in my life. The walnut pie will be made with margarine instead of butter, fake sugar and DIY fake sugar brown sugar and some less high carb honey product, so its still kind of about me.

The green beans are going to be the big  question mark. What if they are gross? What if my idea of kind of a good idea is really not a good idea? What if nobody eats it?

Off the top of my head things I need to get

- Green beans
- bacon
- shredded parm cheese
- heavy cream
-pie crust
- crunchie onion bits
- herbs

Probably a bunch of other stuff too that I haven't thought about. I need to get to checking my recipes!

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