Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not Milo and Otis

Well. Since no one gave me any feedback on my green bean recipe, I'm going to go forward with it. If it turns out gross, it's on ya'll.

Today we didn't get our walk because we were interrupted by two loose dogs on Hargett. There was already a first responder good samaritan on site, but he had his Akita with him and it decided if the brown lab tried to hump it one more time, the brown lab was going to be humping Lassie in heaven because  he had had enough of Humpy the Lab.The FRGS did a yeoman's job of keeping those dogs in one place and not in traffic before I got there. Fortunately the dogs lurved the FRGS and with two people it was easier to wrangle the dogs.

We did a lot of chasing the dogs. They thought it was fun! Because Yay! Scamper! Scamper! We thought they were just missing being hit by the cars going up and down the street. This was not fun.  The FRGS went back to his house with the Akita to drop off the dog ( the dogs followed him before they turned around and I baby sat them) and to pick up some treats to try to lure in the dog with tags so we could call their people and tell them that both their dogs were out and they needed to come home now, like right now.  

Armed with treats, got the dog to come close enough so we learned that the tags on the one dog with tags, while plentiful, were so old they were no longer readable and that the faint wisp of an address was not anywhere near where the dogs were and where we suspected they lived. The phone number was not at all readable!  No names, no current address! If your dogs tags are illegible, they are not identification, they are noisemakers.

The good thing about having a  dog that barks a lot is that after a while, people know that dogs bark and roughly where that dog lives and so it made figuring out the dogs address easier. We walked up to the house and the house didn't explode with hysterical barking, so this had to be the place.

We got lucky that the dog had what Rocket is going to get, a yellow Get Me Home tag and an 800 number. The guy didn't want to call it, least it get the owner in trouble or they get charged, but it was very cold and getting dark and we were stuck outside with these dogs. He called the number and spoke to someone  and then we waited. And waited. And waited. You could see the dogs rethinking their decision making and their bad choices. Its not happy to see dogs in a shame spiral.

The lab kept going to the front door and whining. It was just sad. He wanted his people and was tired of this adventure and just wanted to go inside and have his dinner and then curl up on a bed and sleep all this off.

Finally, a car drove up and rescued  the dogs and us. The woman was shocked that the dogs got out as they were in the house when she left in the morning. She figured her husband might have come home and let them out - It was way too cold for the dogs to be outside for any length! The yard is also fully fenced, so its kind of a mystery. I did however once know a lab that could scale a ten foot wooden fence, so there are ways of getting out should you want to, it does not explain the other dog and how it got out.

The husband is in so much trouble! The first responder good samaritan told the lady we had only been out there for a half an hour. FRGS is a very nice man, a liar, but a very nice man.

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