Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Food Thoughts

I got nothing done this evening.

But I did start thinking more about Thanksgiving food instead of focusing on Thanksgiving desserts. I love green beans and I want to do something with them for the holiday. Here is my idea.

I want to use sauteed garlic and onions and mushrooms and some bacon to go along with the beans. I want to make a light cheese sauce using parmesan cheese instead of cheddar and I want to make it a casserole. I'm thinking french cut green beans from the store, my bean harvest this year was spotty and I don't have near enough for a family meal,  and using frozen veg is not something to feel shame over.

 First I would saute the onions and garlic and mushrooms with pepper and maybe white wine? Bacon I would cook separately, but adding the grease to the dish. When the onions were clear I would remove that from the heat and start on the cheese sauce.  This would be made with heavy cream ( very low carb) and real flour, margarine and  proceed as normal. I would not make a huge amount of this, just enough to make it present but not  anywhere near enough to confuse it with a quiche . I want it damp with the sauce, not swimming in it. It is technically a casserole, so some fluidity is acceptable

When that had thickened up I would add the onions and garlic and mushrooms and bacon to it and pour it onto the beans. After it was combined I would sprinkle it with powdered parmesan cheese - I would add the onion ring bits ( crunchiness is under rated, and adds huge to the experience)  right before I took it out of the oven.

Does this sound like A) it would be doable and B) like it would taste good? Feedback would be appreciated

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