Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Mondays are not good TV nights. I should have done something with all this free time but instead I rode the exerbike and made ye another trip to Wally - this time for actual groceries for me. Big day.

I should have made dog cookie dough at the very least, but instead I worked out to make up for not walking poor, sick dog dog. He has been fighting a doggy GI thing and while he isn't actively throwing up everything he puts into his mouth currently, he has zero appetite and his energy level isn't what he should be and  he has the doggy trots. I chalk this up to the not eating thing.

While I was at Wally again, did get him some nice wet dog food and his own bag of grated cheese, and he really enjoyed his first real meal in days. He had been warming up to peanut butter, but I don't want him to just eat peanut butter, I want him to eat like a real dog.

Tomorrow I'm going to add a little of his dry in with the wet and cover the whole thing with cheese and that should make it attractive and trick him into eating it. He is drinking normally, but  water alone doesn't help you heal up from the stomach flu. He needs some protein to help him regain his strength and stamina.

I would also feel better if he would eat, having to watch him not eat, is making me feel sick.

Speaking of pets. Last night it began to rain, I took the dog out in the rain to go potty. Mission accomplished. Later, I changed and got ready for bed and said "I need to clean the cat box!". Cleaned the cat box but also emptied toe box in the process. There was no dust upstairs or even in the house, but there was a fresh box outside in the car.

10:30 at night I put shoes on and went back outside to heft the beast out of the back of the car, in the rain, in my pajamas up into the house and up the step stairs. I refilled the box and disposed of the nasty mess. And then I went to bed.

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