Monday, November 24, 2014


Proud of me! I got dog cookies done - two more batches I think, but that's nothing! In years past I've had to get seven different varieties done in a weekend, I can get two more done without worries. I also got people food shopped for and made! I made my green beans - too fabulous, by the way, (maybe should be re-heated close to the heat without a lid, as to get the bacon more crisp) they will need a leetle more of the cheese sauce, but thats why you make more than you think you need. The beans are sweet from the onions and warm from the sauce and a tiny bit salty from the bacon, all nummy! I am pleased.

I had a coupon for Williams Sonoma and so I walked away with the cheapest thing in the store for 20% off! Totally worth the trip to the mall and I got to experiment with tying up my food! I had seen some food string at Marshalls the night before, but it was almost twice the price! I had some bacon around and I beat a chicken breast to death and then stuffed it with bacon ( not the best idea, or I should have had the tray closer to the heat) and then wrapped it with bacon and tied it up. I also used some, but not enough of my too thick ( note to self, add milk and thin it out) cheese sauce and made some very nice mac and cheese.

I left the mall to do my real Christmas shopping, Shop Local! and I feel good about what I found and now my list is shorter. I also found a gift for me!

My new lamp! Does it look awesome? It is awesome! So much potential! It can be a circus tent, it can be a wild animal display! it can be a pagoda! I am leaning towards circus tent because of the decoration options. There will be birds and the exterior will be painted. I have been looking for one of these for years and the fact that it stands by itself is frosting. It could stand on a table or on the floor on its own. I am super stoked.

I spent so much time doing, I had some down time so I wrapped gifts! I hate wrapping gifts! But I did it and now there is less for me to face later. Yay!!

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