Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Well. I made a decision. I couldn't do the really, really nice one - it was just too much and also possibly too big for my yard. I decided I didn't like the one from Home Depot because it just looked too much but  not enough like the really nice one and it just came off as half assed. I said no to the snowglobe with a hat because snowglobes don't wear hats. I went with this one instead

please note this is the same set used for all the airblowns.

I am going to use tape to give  the lead reindeer a red nose . Its cheaper than the two other santa-and-sleigh options and I like the reindeer-in-flight part of it. I saw it up at the nicer Wallyworld I go to sometimes and I decided that it was the winner. I haven't bought it yet, but I will this week.I'm also thinking of maybe not putting lights around the door and just going with the two trees and the spot light on the wreath/door.

I think the santa and sleigh may be well enough decoration for the front of the house. I've done the ring around the door for the last oh, thirteen years so perhaps a change would not be the worst idea and if it turns out I don't like it without the lights, its not hard to put them up later.

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