Monday, November 3, 2014


Rocket and I went to see what this Halloween business is about and we went to Oakwood to see the fabled Halloween House. Which I have seen  but not during the high holiday, what a difference a couple of weeks make!

It is , quite, quite, fableist. There were a thousand people in the street in front of it. There were thousands of people wandering around the neighborhood! It was all families  from all the surrounding neighborhoods and their chillrins. The neighborhood people were camped out on their porches handing out candy and talking to everyone.  It was very sweet and everyone who saw Rocket dog said he was the most Rock Star Superman dog everh!

I was dressed as Cowboy Barbie/Sweetheart of the Rodeo! Fringies! Sparkles! Glitter! Pink!  and I got nothing! I don't dress like that! Nobody dresses like that wandering around!  I was non-ironically wearing a cowboy hat in public and nada! People are just too much.

Saturday it got winter and I used the time in the damp to tear out the garden and am now conducting an experiment with the one plant that still had viable fruits on it. I read somewhere on line that you can ripen green tomatoes by taking the plant inside and hanging it up in a cool, dark place and in the fullness of time you will get ripe fruits off and otherwise dead plant. We'll see.

I also made two more batches of cookies and had enough left over to make my voluntold donation to the DHHS Combined Campaign on Monday, without cutting into my Aunt Cookie count.

Sunday I went to dinner with a work friend and we talked for hours! So fun!

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