Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fa La La La

I would have an entry , but instead I wrapped gifts and grappled with the computer. The computer is being a giant bitch from hell and I am not happy with it.

I wrapped gifts and compared to dealing with the bitchy computer, it was a lot easier than I had anticipated! I wrapped birthday gifts, I gift bagged dog cookies, I wrapped a retirement gift and then I set my sights on Christmas gifts.

This was a lot easier this year as I decided to forgo ribbon and bows - we're all adults here and we don't need those to make the gift special. I know that somewhere Martha Stewart just got a camp but Martha doesn't have to wrap her own gifts, she pays people to make them beautiful and if I was getting paid, I certainly would have put more into it. Also, whomever was paying me would have supplied festive and meaningful do-dads and extras for me to make the gifts gorgeous. I hate wrapping and I would use gift bags more liberally, but I don't like them because they make me feel as though I am being disingenuous - unless its super appropriate and I bought it for the design.  Mostly I prefer to suffer for my art.

So I wrap gifts in paper and it makes me cranky because I am not better at it and they always end up looking like I allowed a very young child  or the cat to do the wrapping for me. I  end up apologizing a lot for my gifts before they are ever opened, I find that this this also lowers expectations of whatever is wrapped badly,  but sometimes I do go overboard with the anticipatory apologizing because everyone is surprised I gave them something store bought and not a lump of dough festooned with macaroni, that this year I am calling a coffee mug that I had led them to believe was what I had for them.

I might have also chosen a more flamboyant gift wrap. I like Peanuts a lot, but its not as go-go as other patterns . It looks like its going to read to us from Luke - which is appropriate and seasonal, but not very exciting, and then we're going to go collect canned goods .

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