Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Goodness

I had a great weekend! I started off by sleeping really, really late! But it didn't matter! I didn't have to do anything or be anywhere!

I got dressed, went downstairs and fed the dog and myself, and then I watched TV for a while, because I could.

Broskey came over and moved my unused TV from upstairs to replace the broken TV in the dogs room, this was very nice because older TVs weigh  way too much and he had to move it from upstairs to downstairs on my way out of code. very steep stairs. And then we went to Target and he played Santa.

I took off early and went home and Dog and I went to Dog Bar. It was fun and a rep from a beer company was there and the bipeds got a free beer and cake. We had a great time. Rocket wore his Santa suit and everyone thought he was just the most adorable dog there - I thought the tiny dog wearing a Christmas tree costume may have edged him out though. I now need to find a dog Christmas tree costume for next year.

We went straight to my favorite Chinese place and I had a nice dinner. Post dinner, I went to Wally and bought fixings for venison meatballs and peanut butter cookies.

I slept really late, and I had a lot of energy! Go Me! Both were very successful. I found a good recipe for the meat balls - I've never made them before. It was a good recipe, but I read several and there were some good ideas that weren't in it and should have been. I added  diced bacon, green onions I had and some decent grated parmesan cheese to the mix and they worked out well. The cookies are just fake sugar and peanut butter and eggs! Low in carbs and they taste terrific.

Sunday, I took some tomatoes and peppers out of the freezer and made them into  a sauce and added in some of the meatballs. I made some whole wheat pasta and had a great meal, the cookies were a great dessert.

All I did all weekend was do fun things - the dog bar, an open house, and dog and I wandered around the historic district admiring the lovely Christmas decorations. I also slept late, watched TV and cooked neat foods. Yay Me!

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