Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blanket Weather

33 degrees and rain is a perfect weather! For spending the entire evening with your dog and an electric blanket on the couch watching moving images on the TV. If you are feeling peckish, it is also the perfect weather for peanut butter cookie making and eating.

Look it up.

Its cold, damp and all around icky. If it were a degree or two warmer I might go shopping for nothing just to get out - but, its just cold enough that it doesn't need a reason to get slick and I don't really need to play chicken with Mother Nature. I'll just bow out and let her win. She gets to feel superior and I get to feel warm and sloppy. It works for me.

Every once in a while the dog lets me know he needs to go outside and we go outside, quickly and then we watch more Diners, Drive In's and Dives.  If I get tired of Guy Fieri,  maybe I'll check out my Kindle.

And I'll eat my cookies, nom, nom, nom.

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