Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I finally took the indoor Christmas decorations down and put them away.


So pretty! So festive!



I also made an extraordinary greek inspired chicken pot pie. I even made my own cream sauce and now? I'll never buy cream-of-whatever again!  All it is is a white sauce and I know how to do that and I can flavor that into whatever I need it to be. Broskey gave me the best tip ever for the cream sauce - instead of using butter to mix with the flour, use the grease from the baking of the chicken to flavor the sauce! Worked like a charm.

The house kept itself busy by hiding things from me. It ate the TV remote - I spent days manually turning the TV off!  Its 2015, this is wrong. I'm sure, I could use the satellite remote to turn it on but I had to walk back and forth to the TV when I needed to turn it off and that involved having to find the manual on and off button on the TV -  and they do not make those easy to find.  It also ate the dogs leash, forcing me to use  a leash I am not as fond of!  And then I had to use it for like, three walks! Life is sooooo unfair! I had to turn off the TV manually and use a leash I don't like  as much. Has anyone ever suffered so much?

I did finally find both, but the damage was done. I'm scarred.

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