Friday, January 30, 2015

Design on My Dime

If I am going to start putting real thought into the living room - such as "How in love with the couch am I? Is seventeen years enough of a return on my investment? Is that sexy red couch on craigslist in downtown Raleigh my real hearts desire? And is it still available" or  if a new-to-me couch is too scary, "How expensive are slip covers anyway? And is it important that they are nice slip covers?" Answer, "very". If so, how expensive are custom slip covers? Answer, "very".

The next question, "Why are online painting tools such bitches?! Why do they make it so hard?" I tried out two and both times I was very unsatisfied, I did learn though that I like shades of darker gray better than shades of lighter gray. The darker grays are just richer and more satisfying for me than the lighter directions. I think a darker shade would also look better with the curtain fabric.

I have to be careful of the space being too contrasty or looking awkward or just being too, too. I wish the online tools were more user friendly or I was better at following directions. They look very easy right up until you start playing with them and then they suck and I get frustrated and  that doesn't help me with getting a vision of my design direction. I may have no direction. I can't tell.

I don't think the room will got full-cave, you never want to go full-cave, because when the room gets painted, the wood work is going to go high gloss stark white - and there is a lot of wood work in the room. My biggest fear is that it will ultimately look very Fall-Winter 2014-2015, but I might be all right with that..

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