Friday, January 23, 2015


I worry that I don't get enough alone time with the cat. I walk the dog multiple times over the day, we hang out in front of the TV together and we go places together in the car.

The cat and I just don't spend as much time bonding  and this troubles me. I feel we should have something that we do that is just ours .  I have a couple of cat dancer things and those are fun but  I don't see the cat really spending hours  a week  bonding with me while he cavorts. He's not much into cavorting.

I wish that I could take little kitty for walks! I think he would be an awesome walker - if he would wear a harness, if he would walk with the harness on, if he would tolerate being outside,  while walking and wearing a harness. I don't see this happening, he is not Tex in many ways. I think there are too many if's there to ensure success. He is also not another cat.

 I think that Tex would have liked Rocket, eventually, I know he would have not been afraid of him as a wee puppy and he would have taken advantage of his size in a big way. He brought Daisy to heel very fast, I'm pretty sure that Rocket would have posed no problem for him at all. They would have gotten along.

It would also help if he was more open to being around the dog, he seemed to like Daisy well enough and they lived together for several years. I wonder if he somehow doesn't want to betray his relationship with Daisy  by being friends with Rocket? Animals really live in the now so I'm not sure how possible it is that he is protecting a memory. I just really wish he was more comfortable with being close to Rocket, sharing space with him. I would like to hang out in front of the TV with them both. Sigh.

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