Monday, January 26, 2015


I had a great weekend! I may have found my drapery material for the living room, I did my laundry early, and I finally watched a netflix movie I've had sitting around since the beginging of October! Netflix thinks I lost it! Ha! I didn't lose it I was just too lazy b busy to watch it. It was better to pay rent month after month for it then to just give up and admit I wasn't going to watch it for oh, three or so months. If you don't watch what you have in a timely manner , you are paying rent for it.  Monument Men was pretty good - even if it moved faster than it should have, I think it was a little rushed, and now I want to read the book.

And that was about all I did all weekend.

I took some walks, logged some time on the exerbike and slept late. It was probably the perfect weekend.

The cat doesn't like being in the same room as the dog, but he makes allounces for rooms that also contain the dogs wet dog food. Also, check the sharing and caring that Rocket is dishing out. yes, there is a smudge on the lense, I'll fix it,

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