Monday, January 26, 2015

Soup Police

I've spent my evening dancing attention with this bad boy. I think it tastes  and looks alright - that's right, it features broccoli  and peppers...  it's a haute courture  soup. My chicken soup is not found off the rack.

What it does not have yet is noodles. I bought some but it looks like they are going  to be a first thing in the morning addition .

Does  it need noodles? I am a noodle fan but the carb count is stress causing, I did  but the lowest carb variety  I could, but  still. My kingdom for 100% wheat soup noodles! I looked at three  different  stores and no love!

Trader  Joe's was the least helpful. They aren't  a low carb environment, radical vegans have a home  there but carnivores who are trying to keep it healthy need to look elsewhere. Wal-Mart  had a better selection!  You really have to check yourself when Wally World has a wider selection of  noodles than you do.

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