Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Meet the fabric for the new living room curtains!

Its not nearly as shiney in real world. In fact, looking at my swatch, I'm a little concerned that it might be a little drab and muddy under my lights- however it looks smashing with my furniture, so its still a win. There will be day when I run across the perfect hot pink book shelf or orange coffee table and life will be even better. I could become friends with electric blue. When the dog sheds, I can call it a design decision.

I'm going to have a close as possible to silver walls, I will also be on the look out for gray carpeting. Clearly, I am redecorating my house to suite my dogs fur. I checked and twelve years is the cut off for keeping your wall color, I did not know that, but it s rule, you have to change it up at least every decade so that you can better date those unmarked holiday pictures.

Its not  all going to happen immediately, the fabric is going to be the first step but it won't be turned into curtains by my Mom for a while. I'm going to wait for my tax return to get most of the painting work taken care of slash done by professionals. That means that once that ball gets rolling it will roll fast and will get done in one day and done well, as opposed to the many, many days it would take me to do the work badly. The paint on the wood work is in terrible shape and getting it taking care of is a good investment in the house.

Change is good.

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