Tuesday, January 20, 2015


So how did I spend my three day weekend?

I cleaned out my bathroom cabinet and now I can find ten of my twenty-seven hair squishies! I did laundry! I shopped a Chinese market and made shrimp soup from scratch!

After I finished patting myself on the back for that, I made myself a steak, first time ever, and while it was over cooked, it was okay and now I have learned something. Mostly, that you can not ruin a piece of $2.56 meat, but that I can not ruin a better piece too.

I got deeply annoyed by a fabric store- I found some ncie fabric, it was on sale and I was happy with my choice, until I was informed at the register that the fabric wasn't available. This after standing in three different lines and getting annoyed by literally every single person I shared airspace with. There are people with way too much stress in their lives and who have over-prioritized the role that fabric plays in it. It is also a wise idea to not aggravate the lady with the scissors. Just don't, she doesn't need to make those kind of  life choices for either of you  on minimum wage.

 I gave my phone last rites - it survived, but I feel its days are numbered.

Dog and I took walks and slept really late and watched a lot of TV and went out to dinner with a friend.

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