Friday, February 6, 2015

50 Shades of Charging

What did I accomplish today? My phone destroyed the only charge in the world that worked with it and made the charger fall apart in three tiny pieces.  I had to go back to the store. The last time went badly.

I went in calmly, I waited quietly to be seen and I explained my problem without cursing or raising my voice. They took my phone away and diagnosed my problem. The charging port is "lose". I did not respond with sarcasm. It was explained to me that this often happens when me, the user, "accidentally" plugs in the charger in upside down. I did not respond violently.

When they took my phone away they plugged it in with a new charger that they absolutely swore charged the phone. I did not tear down the nearest display. I explained that I had also done this and it did not work - the charger is not a fault, its the phone! The phone is broken!  It was explained that my mistake with every other charger in the world was that I failed to adequately wiggle them during the initial mating. Apparently, my phone likes it rough.  I bought their prodigal charger, and I just need to "wiggle it around and not touch it while its charging". Until May.

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