Thursday, February 5, 2015

HGTV has given me brain damage and I'm thrilled!

The old couch and coffee table are gone and the new couch has moved into their old space. I didn't even say goodbye to them when they left. New couch looks very nice in its new home and I have gained many extra feet of  living room space.

Now that they are gone, its time to think about how to replace them, or a at least the monster coffee table. I'm also going to new end tables. I have already decided that a piece that has been upstairs is going to move downstairs , so that solves one problem.

Another problem is that the space is going to be dark. The curtains are dark, the furniture is dark, the walls are not going to be light. The room will have the power to become the black hole of Calcutta if I don't step in and do something about it.

Of course there is always the "Turn on the light" option or the "Open the curtains" idea, both good and both will be utilized but, I think I'm going to have to find other solutions as well.

My end tables are going to be bright pink! Gasp! Be shocked.  I think it will look really neat. High gloss, hot pink, preferably  with drawers for storage. I will try my damnedest to not end up in Barbies Dream House territory.

Maybe not boiling pink, but you get the picture I like the lines. And there is bright pink in the drapery and I want to pull it out, otherwise I'm afraid the fabric will just read BLACK and I don't want that.

Here are many examples of hot pink end tables, most of them are not awful :In the Right Hands, it can be a great pop of color!

I am also thinking about the coffee table. I need one, it has to hold my magazines and clutter as well as act as a foot rest. It can't be dainty. It is going to be orange!

I know you hate it. I don't care The room will be dark as hell and I need to lighten it up as well as keep it feminine.

I think this is going to work.

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