Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dog Boots

Its finally winter here. It took a while but we finally are joining the rest of the  East Coast with their trendy snow.

Or for us, its untrendy ice and sleet. We are so serious about the ice and sleetness of it all, that the public school kids were dismissed at lunch and the state employees were sent home at 3pm! At the order of the Governor - We had previously been under a New Weather Policy that said that said that we were responsible for being at work no matter what under all circumstances because The State of NC Does Not Shut Down.

Until it does. And it is. Shut down.

Also, many of us received an email letting us know that we are "unessential" and that we should just leave ASAP. As much as I liked going home early, I did not love being called "unessential". So I went home and turned my focus from state business to annoying my dog. We went on a short walk when I came home, it was cold and something solid was falling from the sky so we cut it short and went home to watch TV under a blanket and eat dinner.

But. Time passes and so does dinner and young dog needed to go outside. Enter his winter boots!

He was not hugely cooperative in the boot-putting-on-process. He does not like his feet being touched period, and putting dog boots on involves a lot of foot touching. So he did a lot of trying to get away, whining, crying and nipping ( got disciplined for that)  Little does he know, the real snow will fall over night and he will wake up to a different world but the same boots. Hopefully he will see the logic of the dog boots when he plays in the snow and his feet feel so much better than they did last year when it snowed. He loves playing in the snow and seems to find the noise it makes to be very fun. It looks like fun, but I worry about his tender little paws. I'm not sure how he is going to feel about wearing his boots out in public for walks. I think that he doesn't know actually know shame and he can not be embarrassed.

Not a happy face.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, its because he killed me in my sleep because I made him wear boots.

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