Monday, February 16, 2015


I did actually get all my things done!

I made tortilla pizza, twice! Its so good! Where has this been all my life? Sadly, I have frozen pizza out the ass in my downstairs freezer. Sometimes you are in the mood for  carbs, sometimes you are not.

I made my cookies, but I'm going to have to make some more as I needed to test them out a bit. I needed to make a second batch anyway because I thought the single batch was a little light to bring to work for all day.

I made meat loaf! It turned out very well and now I have a lot of baby loafs to get me through for a while and that's always good. I don't think meat loaf was even on my to-do list, so I'm a curve buster too.

For Valentines Day I took young dog to the Dog Bar and we had a very good time with almost a dozen Great Danes! Small Dog felt indeed, very small. I had planned to get a fancy meal from Lowes but has it turned out that the fancy meal had to be cooked by me and that did not feel very loving to me at all. I had really wanted lobster tail too! But for $29.00 was more than I wanted to pay to practice ruining lobster tail and a really thick cut of steak.

Instead I didn't ruin a steak! And this was not some $2.50 cut of meat either, this was $6! Real money! This was maybe hubris on my part! I've now cooked, you know, two steaks my whole life and I do this was Valentines? I could have really let myself down.

But I didn't! It was good! I had some more of my mac and cheese and it was good, again! To prove it was good

It was much pinker in real life, but not too pink because I don't care for that.

I also had a nice think slice of  cheese cake, amazingly low carb for a desert item. It was a lovely day.

I didn't take pictures of my tortilla pizzas because they just looked like pizza, and you know what pizza looks like. I also didn't take a picture of the cookies because, well, you know what cookies look like.

I also did my laundry and put gas in the car ahead of whatever badness is allegedly coming our  way. I was kept up last night by the sounds of the wind peeling my neighbors alluminum siding off their house and then banging it into the side of their house. Lovely.  They couldn't do anything about it today, but its much less windy so I may at least get to sleep through the night. They however may get snow in their attic and that is not lovely.Huge ten foot slash on the side of their house, leaving it open to the elements. They won't be sleeping through the night.

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