Monday, February 9, 2015

Make lemonade

I got work done this weekend! But first I went to Kohls and bought myself a dress I really didn't need but it was cute and on sale and I said no to a couple of of others. I should have been looking for side tables but Kohls doesn't really sell end tables.  I had to do it. I paid the workd back for my shopping trip by being a good girl and doing housework.
I gave myself a list of chores to do and I, shockingly, did them. I needed me to hang up the coats I've worn since approximately, Thanksgiving, and never put away and I finally did it. I also wanted me to tidy up the
 bedroom and hang up more clothes,  and again, I did it. I also vacuumed the hallway. That wasn't even on my list, it was an extra.

I truly deserved a cookie for my hard work. Instead I made pizza made with cauliflower crust! It was messy, labor intensive and a failure. It had great mouth feel but it was a soggy mess, and to add insult to injury, it made a lot and so my Sunday dinner was also a soggy pizza. I think I will stick to whole wheat pizza crusts from the store should I decide I need to make home made pizza again.I have plenty of frozen to choose from but they aren't as low carb friendly as I would like them to be. I really like pizza and I really do not like having to eat tiny, unsatisfying portions of it.

Cauliflower crust just sounded like such a good idea! So low carb! So healthy! So little portion control required. Sadly, it was not a solution. There has to be a better way. I did learn that cauliflower tastes like absolutely nothing at all and so it would be a good substrate for potatoes where they might be called for. I a had to buy a ricer for the crust recipe and so there might be cheesy caulirice in my future and I would like that very much as I miss cheesy rice to no end.

Sunday, I had more tasks I wanted me to get done. I vacuumed the attic stairs and the floor upstairs. I moved the dogs crate into a less in the way location and tidied a little bit. I did not clean the bathroom, I should have but it was so pretty and dog and I needed a nice long walk.

So we walked for two hours through downtown and the warehouse district and we felt very good about it. I didn't even care the pizza was soggy, again.

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