Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Little House on the beltway

The good news is that I am finally getting a replacement phone! Six visits to various Verizon stores and two protracted phone call to customer service and I finally talked them into reading their own policys and honor my damned insurance and the phones own warranty. Bastards.

I did have to wait until the phone died, and not one minute sooner. The first four visits the phone was only unwell - it functioned, not well and it was rapidly decompensating as time went on, but it worked-ish. If I had dropped it in a puddle or ran over it with my car it would have been a single visit  "Oopsy! Your phone has a boo-boo! Lets get you a new one!- If I had done something to it they would have charged me a token and given me a new phone immediately. The phone had an organic problem and they didn't want to replace it! They treated me as though I was just looking for a new phone, that my phone really did work and I was just trying to play them. Why would anyone want a low end, years out of date POS like mine? I mean, really. I don't even want it any more.

They treated me like a phone thief until  I showed up at the their store before it even opened and buttoned holed the first clip board toting guy I saw - Forty-Five minutes on the phone with customer service late, my phone was shipped.

Today however, I spent the day without a phone! If I wanted to check my email I had to use my desk top computer! OMG!  and if I wanted to make a call, I had to use the corded one on my desk! It was like living on Little House on The Prairie.

My free reconditioned phone will be arriving hopefully, Tuesday morning at my office.

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