Wednesday, February 11, 2015


What I did today

My new phone arrived! But... I didn't get with the program and plug it in until too late and since the battery was completely depleted its going to take too long for it to charge so I will be without a phone all day tomorrow too. This is sad making.

I was more successful with my cauliflower rice project.  I have really missed cheesy rice in a big way. When you run it through a processor, cauliflower is very rice like and it filled the position admirably. However, the next time I'm going to do what I saw suggested online and fry it a bit before serving, to make it a little more ricey.  I started out with blanched, frozen veggies so I was a little ahead of the game and it was all ready very coked -  but I think if I went from raw to al dente , it would be better. Great mouth feel though, kudos to Mr. Cauliflower. It is not a really ideal pizza crust substitute, but it does make fake rice that is very close to the real thing. Yay internet!

Along with the pretend rice, I made some very nice real cheese sauce ( with soy flower and heavy cream) and now I'm going to have to make a trip to Wallyworld to pick up some Dreamfields elbow macaroni and make myself some low carb  mac and cheese - something I have also really missed. I have eaten it, but in really small portions and with guilt! mac and cheese is not guilty food or something that should be eaten in small portions. Portion control is for other foods, mac and cheese, you really need to all but bath in it.

I also polished dog with his curry comb and now he is very shiny.

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