Monday, February 2, 2015

Redecoration Project

Couch - Craigslist $100!

Curtains - Deep discount, on close out!

Paint - Dreamscape Gray   This is not going to be on sale. I wanted to put a swatch here but they wouldn't let me do that. Behr Paint is not very user friendly.

Thigs are progressing faster than I would have thought! The old couch and coffee table are still here - I was certain that thift stores were just waiting for me to call up and ask them to come get my old furniture and would be here immediatly to come fetch them... Oddly, not so much.  They are still here and will be here until either Habitat comes and gets them or Cause For Paws comes and gets them. I'm going to call both again tomorrow and see who wants them worse/can pick them up the fastest.

In the mean time, I'm going to start looking for bright pink and bright orange thingies to decorate he room with. I think these will help make it a little more girly as well as keeping it bright and colorful instead of dark and kind of muddy - as it easily could slid into.

The painting won't happen for a couple of months and neither will the curtains, so I kind of hurried up so I could wait. But, the more things off the list are more things off the list.

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