Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Putting the cart before the horse.

What I accomplished today:

1. I spoke with an interior painter and started the process of  getting estimates from others. I want to do my due diligence and get multiple estimates, but the one guy who called me back almost immediately,  and seems like a good bet for the job  because he talked about primer and calking and not allowing drips and using drapes on the furniture and on purpose doing a good job.  The longer we spoke the more I pretty much decided I'm not going to call anyone else. Other painters are going to have to call me. I put a request in with my old precinct chair who is a contractor in real life, when he isn't being a gad fly, but he hasn't gotten back with me and that makes me a little peeved, he is kind of a jerk.

2. I scheduled Habitat to come pick up old couch and coffee table to come Wednesday late afternoon.They asked if there had been any animals on the couch and I was like "it comes from a non-smoking household" and "Febreeze! I used febreeze!" I did cop to a stain on the underside of one of the cushions, so I was at the very least honest about something.

I really don't have to hurry too much for the painter even though I really, really want to! Because I'm going to use my tax refund to pay for the work  and the taxes are not even done yet. So, I may be getting ahead of myself. A lot. I did find out that the possible painter uses very expensive paint, twice what my paint runs, but he would buy my paint if that was what I want. I do not want $60 a gallon paint on my walls, so I am going to be a diva and demand he buy my cheaper paint because God Damn! $60 a gallon for paint! No! not if I am paying for it.

 I might be able to accept a pricey paint for the woodwork because that is a job that gets done right at, um, once, so it might be better if it is a high quality paint. I'll re-do the walls occasionally, but the baseboards are not going to get redone unless they suffer a catastrophic accident.

Doing a quick census, there is a lot of wood work! The baseboards alone are everywhere, there are four doors! Two of them are French doors. Wait, the entry way! There are five doors and one of them in the front door!. Maybe springing for the really pricey paint may not be the best idea as I'm going to be having to buy a lot of it. The room is surrounded by seven inch baseboards and five inch window sills and the whole fireplace and the door ways! Shite. Maybe he can just use white out.

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