Wednesday, February 4, 2015


What I got done Tuesday!!

I took the couch apart! Now its all ready to go out the door! I feel oddly conflicted about this now. I bought with my first check from my first real job in 1997, I bought the couch before I moved into my first apartment, this was part of my first home and then it moved cross country with me. And now I am throwing it aside. I'm glad couches are sentient because it could make me feel really bad about this.

The coffee table is newer, I  bought it after I moved into this house, its only thirteen years with me. I bought it at a yard sale / art sale in the historic district.

I cleaned the entry way so it would be easier to move the furniture out. This was a lot of work. Its a tiny space but I made sure it was as messy as a room twice its size.

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