Friday, March 6, 2015

Aging Out

I learned two things about  Dog-Dog today :

- He does not need me to arrive home promptly at 4:15pm. He can hold on until 5:00pm! This is outstanding news and bodes well for my strongly held desire to be able to eventually stop coming home for lunch every day and, two, I could possibly also reach my secondary goal of running errands after work instead of first having to go home and get him and then run the errands. I am not as certain that he could have held on as long as he did if I had not gone home for lunch. But, it appears at almost three years of age, progress is being made on his toilet training.

- He wears  a size small  mens' tee shirt.

On to other factoids. Wednesday we had a high of 74 degrees, today it rained all day and we went from a high of 64 degrees to a current temperature bouncing around freezing. and by Friday morning they are expecting a wintery mix. On the upside, it is supposed to quickly warm up. Good news for those hearty souls planning a road trip Friday afternoon.

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