Thursday, March 5, 2015

Made a list, did not check it.

It occurred to me that I need to get ready to go out of town and that I am running out of time to get things taken care of. Thursday night I have a precinct meeting and I am duty bound to attend, I will not however be volunteering to be an officer this time around. Its another non-election year and they are boring as hell, I think someone else should have the opportunity to go to the conventions. I'm giving and sharing like that.

So tonight after I got my packing started, I went out to restock my larder and got dogger some food and restocked my yogurt. I went all the way to the store, two stores at that, and didn't get myself new protein bars. I think I talked myself out of it because the ice tea and bread I need are cheaper at Sams and I need to go there Thursday after work, I just wasn't thinking about shopping for people food while I was at Wally.

I went to Lowes Foods because they had two for one diet orange Sunkist and I was helpless to in  the face of it. While I was there I found on sale yogurt and popcorn - I have actual free range popcorn somewhere in my house but I must have hidden it from myself. I don't know where I would hide a bag of popcorn kernels  or why I would hide popcorn from myself in the first place. Its a mystery.


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