Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Making it Pretty

The next project.

Its going to change places with the table next to my chair. I need an out-of-sight storage option in the room and this is as good of one as I am going to find and it is definitely fits the bill. Its a family piece, but its not precise, so its going to get painted because it is also not pretty. It offers a huge amount of storage and I think it can be an interesting canvas. I will be consulting Alphagal because I think this is up her ally design-wise. I would just paint it out and move on but I think there is just so much opportunity here that it would be a waste to do that.  I think it can be really pretty

My only concern is that it is not square and everything else in that room is very, very square and straight and line-y, while the wooden table is roundish, will it fight with the room? I once upon a time thought about introducing roundness into that room but changed my mind when I began to see how many squares and rectangles made up the space and decided it was easier to work with them than against them. I think it makes for a more restful space visually.

The downstairs table and its partner in crime, ugly lamp, are going to move upstairs where I need both a table to replace the above and more lighting . The lamp from the bedroom is going to move into the living room and I'm going to press one of the "crystal" lamps I bought at Good Will into service in the bedroom - their intended home anyway.

The table will be primarily burnt orange, as I think it works better with the red furniture than my pink does. The metal side table will also be the same orange as well.I think its okay to mix textures as they are the same color. Right? I hope so.

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