Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bad Legs

I spoke with Broskey, who will be doing the heavy lifting with the ottoman project and he threw a major wrench into my leg plans. By bringing up taste issues and the idea of matching not just the color of the other legs but doing my best to match the style of the legs. The visible legs are so there, that its really important that they work together somehow, this will make the whole look more pleasing and uniform. The pieces are not going to match in anyway, but having some similarities between the different styles will make the look of the room sharper and nicer over all.

Here is where we are now leg-wise

The legs I got this weekend are not going to cut it. They are too small and won't do the job, I should have thought about scale when I picked them. They will go back. I picked up two other styles that I thought would be right, but they aren't either, again, the scale is all wrong.

The very visible couch legs, clearly, the other legs are not going to work.

The invisible chaise legs

Here is what I found when I Googled  "ottoman legs":  Sofa Leg Warehouse . There is actually such a site! I was just kidding around and it popped up. Here is my favorite so far, because its on sale. I would still have to make it a lot darker and if it was a bit taller I would have bought it all ready, but the price makes me think it can work with it as it is.  But I think I have more shopping to do to find the right style, I would also like to not spend a lot of money on this. They need to be thinner, darker and maybe more Eamesian?

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