Thursday, March 12, 2015

The lies HGTV tells us

Today I spent most of the day looking at various styles of furniture legs, most of which are either awful or awfully expensive and arc lamps that are either gorgeous and very expensive or  gorgeous and extremely expensive. I did find one at Warfair that is the very closest to something I could see myself getting, but even it is just over the $100 threshold, and paying more for a lamp than  I paid for my couch doesn't feel good to me. Even if it is a gorgeous lamp that is still much, much less then I have seen (over and over) every where else - and it has gotten very good reviews, which other cheap arc lamps did not get. This is not working to  talk myself out of this. Its perfect and I love it and I want it. Damn it all.

See? Very Pretty.

I am very concerned about the ottoman feet issue. I was hoping to get this taken care of this weekend but unless I run cross the Perfect Feet in my travels, its not going to happen. I know exactly what I want now but sadly, its not available at the big box home improvement stores - Which makes me feel pretentious, and that makes me mad. I did not set out to be the worlds oldest hipster but I think that is whats happening to me. All I want are the perfect no more than three inch mid-century legs in walnut! Is that too much to ask?

My first world problems are more pressing then your first world problems! I have a paint contractor coming this evening and the clock is ticking! On TV these make overs seem so easy! Budget? what budget?  Details? What details? Issues? What issues? Choices? what choices! HGTV is a deceitful deceiver!.

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