Friday, March 13, 2015

Painting by phone numbers

Today my painter cancelled his second appointment with me when he told me he was moving to Charlotte and unless I was ready for the job to get done like, now he was going to have to take a pass. For a man with two very young children and a sickly pregnant wife, I see a rush move to Charlotte as being in no ones best interest. He also told me he was going to work with someone he met while in the ministry and they were going to work with people with drug and alcohol problems. I knew he was either one or the other, a drunk or born again, at least I found out which one was currently in charge before he got the job.

There are two kind of contractors : The Born Again and the Drunk. They can be drunk and born again as well, but usually they aren't drunk the same time they are born again. Your drunk contractor will get saved half way through your job and instead of finishing your job, he will decide that he really needs to be spending his days painting his church instead. His drunk self will done just over half the job and walked away with all your money. Jesus saves.

As I was talking to different painters on the phone and setting up meetings for this weekend, I started to think about the paint choice I made quite a while ago now. What if I don't like it on the walls? What if it was  not what I thought it was? I had never even seen it in real life, just as a swatch in a catalog.

I needed to fix this.

I went back to Home Depot to return my two ottomen test feet and while I was there I got a sample pot of my paint - I really should have done this a long time ago. Its a $3.17 investment in peace of mind or a quick trip back to drawing board land. Better now than later.

I brought it home and put test squares on the walls, every wall in the room gets a different version of the same light and I need to see how its going to look on all the walls.

Answer, it looks good! Its still wet, so its going to be lighter, but so far, so good. Here it is with the curtain fabric

I'm going to need to do that again without the flash and using natural light, but it looks nice. I am a little afraid its going to be too light for the fabric but I'm not sure I would want a darker color on the walls. I'm going to have to be really annoying about the white for the wood work I think. Its going to need to be the exact shade, not too starkly white and contrasty but not too candle light because there can not be any yellow in the white. Its going to have to be the perfect shade of grey-white. The room is going to be dark and I need the punch of white to keep it from being too cave like. The contrast is going to have to be spot on to work.


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