Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Graying Out

Dogger spent the day playing in daycare and got featured on their Instagram feed and that was awesome and then we came home and had dinner and young dog and I went on a long walk. It was a great day for Rocket.

Not a great day for me, I can't find my gray shoes! I can't imagine where they went, all the other shoes are all together in shoeland and the gray pair has become separated from the herd. Its worrisome because now I'm beginning to wonder if I even have gray shoes and so here I am searching for something I don't even have - this says all kinds of less than wonderful things about my mental health and those are such great things to be thinking about while you a searching for something you know is here somewhere but what if it really isn't?

I'm going to find them. I know the dog didn't eat them because he hasn't eaten shoes since he was a puppy - or more truthfully, he hasn't been in a situation where he was granted unsupervised time alone with shoes since he was a puppy.

They could be in the downstairs bedroom being camouflaged by everything  I had to shift out of the living room ahead of the painting. I  keep that door closed now because I like being happy.

Found them! They were in a bag under the dining room table! I must have worn them on one of the last snow days and I brought winter boots to slosh back and forth in the snow and them to wear around the office. I kept running across the boots and never thought about why they were front and center and the shoes were not. Yay. Not Crazy.

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