Thursday, March 26, 2015


I wanted to go shopping afteroushe walked the dog but then I was tired and so I didn't, I actually need to go to the grocery because Lowe's is has my ice tea and orange soda as their weekly specials and if I'm in that neck of the woods, I want to see if I want something to wear to Easter and that is not going to happen if I stay at my house. But we walked and then we came home and I made the mistake of sitting down and didn't go out.

I did get up and empty the dishwasher and  take some stuff out to the recycle but not a lot of mileage there. The dog was sleepy, its hard to get excited about getting up and getting out when the dog is snoring on the couch. I can't run errands over lunch or after work so if I am going to get things done, they re going to get done in the evening. If I can't get motivated to run my errrands when I can run them during the week, they don't get run and  I end up having run around like a crazy person all weekend. Not restful.

Next month, I'm going to buy that fancy lamp I saw at Wayfair. I decided that I'm just going to do it. I saw the Ikea lamp I was leaning towards on Craigslist and in real life, it looks flimsy. It looked like it could be flimsy and the shade too papery on the site but is looks like it is flimsy and the shade is too papery. Just say no to flimsy lamps and paper shades. And yes it will cost more than my couch did, but I also will not spend a lot of time worrying  about  It bursting into flames. I could have cheap and a fire hazard or pricier but sturdy. It works  itself  out. You have to put some value on your state of mind.

Yay for decision making.

when do you  clean your bathroom sink?

- first thing  in the morning when you can't  see and don't  care about  the slow drain

-  right before you go to bed because it seems like a good time to tidy and maybe if I run a lot of  hot water down the drain it will loosen up that drain over night.

Oh my God! Me too! We are so the  same person! Go us.

Okay. I think that if you all ready get up at 0'Dark Thirty in the morning and you can only barely hear your alarm over the pouring rain and thunder, that you should just be able to call it day and go back to sleep.

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