Friday, March 27, 2015

I am a Maxinista

I finally went shopping for my ice tea and soda! I feel so relieved  that my  hydration needs are covered at last.  I also bought a fabulous 100% wool Brooks Brothers ladies sweater for $30! Not at the same place I bought the soda and ice tea though.

I had hoped to find a Easter appropriate frock at my favorite discounters but the sweater was the only thing that took my bait. I guess I do kind of have the frock thing taken care of all ready but its fun to shop for  Easter frocks. There is something about pastels and florals that is very calming, together they are just about hypnotic.

The sweater I came home with  is much more useful and I will have it and wear it for years and years. Dress styles change but a good sweater is forever.

Its quite nice - no one is going to accuse Brooks Brothers of being hip or on trend or pandering to the youth market, but its lovely and it was on-sale.

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