Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hurry up and wait

I have to say, there is something oddly thrilling about packing up your clutter, I do miss my snow globes though! In a perfect world my whole collection would be reunited and displayed together in all their glory.

Those boxes behind the couch are the books and DVDs that were on the shelves. Most of them are most likely not going to be coming back into the room. I know it still looks messy, but it s work in progress and we all have different standards. I can't wait for my rebate check to get here so I can unleash the painter and get this job done. I think the room is going to look really slick once fresh paint is on the walls and wood work and the new curtains are up. The carpet is also on the way out, but it has a separate TBA timeline.The torch lamp is also on its way out soonish, to be replaced by an arc lamp, the rando furniture will be a dark burnt orange.

HGTV lies about so many things!

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