Thursday, March 19, 2015

Exciting Times

I spent too much time this afternoon being pretty sure that it was already Thursday. It's Wednesday, all day. Tomorrow is not Friday, its just Thursday. I have two more days to get through, I have to say, as the week goes on, the alarm goes off earlier every day.

Thursday  eveningI have my  make up precinct meeting. I am hoping that it threatens snow again so that maybe we can not have this one either. I really don't want to go, even more than the last time when I only thought I really didn't want to go because ti was really cold and raining. But now I know what "not wanting to go" feels like and I really don't want to go.

So I'll be there, I am not going to try for a officer spot because I want to not go to the local conventions this year, I never want to go to the local conventions but as an officer I have to go to them because no one else goes, but now, we have a Chair who does go, so I really don't have to attend these nightmares. Next year I'll try for an officer position because it will be an election year and a lot more fun. This year however, I won't have to give up my Saturdays to go to the boring, non-productive meetings and do nothing, I can put my garden in on my schedule an not go to exciting places like Lillington or Pittsboro or the thriving metropolis of Fayetteville. All of them make Raleigh look like the Seattle in the nineties.

This year three whole Saturdays more than usual, are mine. Today after work I went to the post office and  I bought stamps and later, after dinner, I paid bills. Woooo.

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