Friday, March 20, 2015

Yay for Politics

And damn it, I am still 1st Vice Chair. I had been hoping that someone else would want the gig, but sadly,  no one did. We did however make our  quorum and actually went over our quorum at that for the first time in years! It was very exciting.

It would have been more exciting without the endless speeches about how miserable it is for our handful of Democrats in the House and Senate downtown. It doesn't raise our morale at all or make me happier to be a Democrat. On the upside, no one cried into the mic either, so we did see seen some improvement.

 The GOP voters here believe that we should take care of our mentally ill by electing them to office.  They hate the idea of warehousing their  severely mentally ill brethren in icky hospitals or grungy group homes. They want them in the State House! Where the Party can proudly show off how they don't let a little things like galloping, out of control unmedicated mental illness keep them from making laws! The first order of business for the House GOP when they came back into session was to update the state seal to feature a tin foil hat and AK-15 and then  they quickly changed the elitist Latin inscription  to "O'Bummer is a Sekret Muzlimist". The GOP doesn't  feel we need more beds for our mentally ill, we need more districts for them to represent.

I'm not sure what the Democrats did while all this was happening, held hands in the cloak room  and sang We Shall Overcome I imagine.  Too much to ask for them to actually come up with real legislation themselves. Perhaps we should start electing a few of them ourselves. I've met our fringe and they are just as wacky and unreasonable  as the loons the GOP routinely gets elected, I think its something the party should explore. We might get some legislation passed, its worth a try, at we should be willing to do anything to get Democrats elected. We have tried being reasonable and it doesn't work.

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