Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I got the car washed on Sunday. This morning it got rained on. I am happy about finding a car wash near me and while this time I went for the fancy under carriage cleaning,  they also have a very reasonable normal cleaning that I will take advantage of.  So now my car is clean, but rained on. I'm okay with it though because it was mostly about the under carriage cleaning anyway, I'm pretty sure that whatever was under there from the snow and ice did its damage all ready but I at least kept it from hanging around even longer and doing worse over time. The exterior of the car looks very smart now.

The interior looks like a war zone.

Speaking of the dog, Rocket and I took a very nice walk through the warehouse district this evening, Rocket did some very nice jumping and climbing and working out. When we came home, I had him roll his barrel a little bit.

Before our walk, he tried on his new snow shoes! I think they are fantastic, he thinks they are torture devises and I am the most evil dog person ever. I think next winter and on very, very hot days, he will be happy his his feet are not touching the pavement. Spoiled thing.

Back to the barrel, I do think that maybe having a small sized wooden cable thing would be nice for him to learn to walk on, it would hopefully be wider, heavier and move a little slower? He has a hard time balancing all four legs on the barrel we use now, I think its too tall and too light and it moves too fast. I need something shorter, heavier and slower to teach him on. I know he can do this because he has done it on accident and I think he could do it for real with some work. What I really need to work on is how easily distracted he is! There is no end to the fun things he could so but can't because he gets distracted by everything. He is  much more focused  if I have treats handy but it snot always handy to keep treats around.

Whats the point of teaching him all these fun things if he can't do them in front of an audience? Its too much fun to watch him do what he can do to keep him bottled up in the yard. I have a tiny niece and nephew, they should get to see him do these fun things! I'm the only one who gets to see him perform? A You-Tube Star is in the waiting! Progress must be made.

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